St John Health Care : Stairlifts in Guernsey

Sole provider of Stannah stairlifts in Guernsey

St John Health Care has been supporting the community since the 70s. In the 90s, a relocation enabled St John’s to display and sell larger items such as stairlifts, and they’ve never looked back. The shop is a not for profit organisation and any money generated goes back into St John who operate Ambulance and Rescue operations within Guernsey and the surrounding islands.

St John Health Care are Stannah stairlifts’ sole supplier in Guernsey, and have worked closely with Stannah for 2 years. They share and help spread the Stannah family values we’re so proud to uphold, which is why our partnership has grown over the years.

St John Health Care ’s friendly sales team will efficiently take you through the whole process of buying a stairlift, from your very first call to installation. They’re always ready to help you out with any questions you may have – from finding out about our different models, to booking a home visit, they are there for you.

If you’d like to try out a Stannah stairlift in Guernsey, you can always go and visit St John Health Care where you can try out a stairlift, to see if it’s the right option for you.

St John Health Care is proud to have received Stannah’s Certificate of Excellence – a scheme developed by Stannah designed to ensure that a high standard of training and safety management is developed and maintained for all Stannah stairlifts distributors. Their technicians and management team have been put through two years of training and continue to engage with Stannah’s external audit requirements.

Our customers can be sure to get the peace of mind they deserve, that whether installing or servicing their equipment, all work done by St John Health Care is carried out to the highest standards.

Don’t take our word for it. Call them now to see how quickly they could get your stairlift installed.

Visit our St Peter Port Office at:

St John HealthCare,

Ambulance Station,

St Peter Port,